Tuesday, 2 November 2010

October P&L - Job queue looming???

Well, another shite month.
Motivation and confidence in poker hit all time low around the 20th October, but a small rally at the end of the month to get me in to positive figures means I've not yet completely abandoned the hope that I can make a living out of this game. I still have nearly all of the savings I've started with so not in any dire financial need, however the early optimism that I'd be playing high stakes and crushing this game within 2 years has gone. I need to get my grind back on.

Here's the breakdown anyway for October:

6 max: - £2
HU: -£198
MTT: £20
Rush FR: £238
Rakeback / Bonus: £306

Online Profit: £363

Live Tournaments: £18
Live Cash: £60

Total October Profit: £441

HEM graph:

Low volume on 6 max hurt my rakeback this month, but I was finding so little motivation as was getting crushed for 3 weeks at this so needed the break. I have more than a few Heads Up leaks which I need to work on, plus some pretty standard 6 max flaws too. I've put in quite a bit of study in the past 2 weeks though so hoping for a new beginning in November.

In non poker news, went 2 weeks without seeing my lass as she was volunteering in a Moldovan orphanage, but thankfully she's home safe and sound (without bringing a kid back!). I was a bit of a mess without her here to be honest, not eating or sleeping well - both in terms of number of hours and the times I was crashing out - and generally turning in to a hermit / tramp! When there's nobody around to keep you on your toes it's amazing how quickly I degenerated in to an unshaved, backed bean eating neanderthal. I don't think this state of mind helped my poker results either, and they certainly picked up when she returned - unlikely to be a coincidence....

I've also just got back from a London weekend with the boys where we went to see the NFL game at Wembley. Nothing happened in the worst first half I have ever seen, but my adopted Broncos were robbed in the second with dubious penalties going against them. I was not happy handing over the tenner to Jazzy! Most of the rest of the weekend was spent drinking and / or eating like a pig, so health kick needs to start now if I'm not going to be 14 stone after Xmas. I'm notorious for saying I'll get fit and doing nothing, so although my intentions are good now we'll have to wait and see what actually happens.....

Right - time for lunch. I'm going to try and post more on here too as been a lazy bastard on that front as well, not helped obviously by lack of poker success, but think it can be a cathartic exercise so expect some bad beat stories to come up soon :-)