Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sept P&L - shocker!

A shambles. I've just spent the last 4 hours trying to clear a $200 bonus and in the process have lost £220 - a net loss of about $100. That's nothing though compared to these month end results......

6 max: -£1,144
Rush: £27
MTT: £95
Rakeback / Bonus: £803


Staking Profit: £750


I haven't typed up anything in my blog for ages as I feel as though my game has gone to shit. I've spewed so many buy ins off in the last 10 days it's scary. I was £640 up before London before BIG downswing. Everything I have tried has failed - double and triple barrels when he has it, not firing again when he has weak hand but I have no showdown value. In this time I have also gone from being £600 above EV to £300 behind - i.e. I hit none of my draws in the past 10 days. Ho hum.

Just need to put this behind me now and try and grind on next month. Going to have a crack at some live cash I think when K is away, hopefully will break the losing cycle and freshen up my game a bit. It definitely needs it! Will also spend the first few days of next month reading some articles and watching a few training videos. The videos bore the shit out of me but I think I need to do it to remind myself that it's not professional / OK to lose buy ins by barrelling off like a retarded monkey.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Classic Funny Video

Don't normally post this kind of stuff on here, but got sent this from Blackaz and nearly p'd myself laughing :-)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

London and EPO

First off - congratulations to Brenos, taking 5th place in the English Poker Open over the weekend winning over £40,000 in the process. I know he was a bit disappointed on the day but pretty certain now that he has taken his cheque to the bank he'll be smiling for the next week or so :-)

I was privileged enough to join Brennan in London for the weekend and I thought he handled himself brilliantly both on the table and in the compulsory interviews he conducted for the live web feeds. Here's his exit interview:

As for me, there were no side games available due to the small venue at Palm Beach Casino, so I spent my time drinking free beers provided by the Rake The Rake staff while watching Brenos from the rail. All except Saturday that is, where I was suffering from an almighty hangover following the free bash on Friday in Movida nightclub. There were tonnes of poker celebs, including Tom Dwann, Jessie May, Kara Scott, James Akenhead etc etc. My favourite though was Mike Sexton, who I met after one too many free shots so rudely interrupted him chatting up a hostess girl to ask him where the hell Vince Van Patten was! He took it like a gent though and even predicted that Brenos - despite being pretty sozzled himself - would make the final table. Guess he does know a thing or two about poker after all.

Made it back very late Tuesday night and only got round to playing poker again today, breaking even after 1.3k hands. Good to sleep in own bed again (and see mrs of course!) and hoping to crush online over next week or so. I'm feeling proper motivated again and although I know I'm still a fair way behind Brennan in poker savvy at the moment, it does show what can be achieved.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

August P&L

It's pretty obvious that I've lost a bit of interest in the blog, but I do hope to regain this in the next few months and start to write about non poker stuff as well as poker results. I've tried to stay away from here the last few weeks as I have felt as though I've been writing the same old boring crap about bad beats / bad luck etc. I apologise to everyone that's got bored reading it - including those bloggers that have a history of writing about the very same subject - you know who you are Soapy!!

Anyway, after a mid to late month rally my August didn't turn out too bad - despite the fact I ran £1,350 behind EV - imagine how good it could have been!:

6max: £1,717
MTT: -£4
Rush: -£65
Rakeback / Bonus: £726


No live play last month but I am heading down to London to rail Brenos in the EPO, and if running OK in the next week or so will most likely enter myself in the £250 NLHE side event - if running again this year. I can't find it in the schedule online anywhere but I did find a £250 and £500 listed for 2009 EPO so hoping will be there again.

If anyone wants to buy shares in me at even equity then all funds appreciated - this is a bit higher than my usual buy in but I am due to run good so got to be considered a good investment :-) Let me know.

Cash graph for August - more work needed on red line again.....