Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jan 2011 P&L

Laziness knows no bounds in terms of this blog.... however have been proper busy this month sorting various shit out, including:

2 broken cars
1 broken laptop
1 set of flights to Las Vegas (April)
9 nights of hotel accommodation (Desert Rose - just off the strip)

All of which finally got completed around mid month and managed to salvage somewhat the losing month that it threatened to be, however not exactly groundbreaking results:

Rush: £755
STT: £15
MTT -£27
Rakeback / Bonus: £242
Total Online Profit: £985

Live Cash: -£41
Live Tournament: -£22

Overall Profit: £922

Rush Poker continues to pay for itself, and now that I have consolidated my bankroll to exclusively Full Tilt I'm aiming to be playing NL100 full ring pretty soon. I'm also very close to getting the Black Card there, within next week or so, which will mean extra points and therefore bonuses, which will help with the low rakeback I'm getting at the moment. My iron man and Full Tilt academy balances are pretty decent too now so should have more bonuses from then soon too so looking a bit rosier on that front.

Live cash didn't exactly go to plan this month, due entirely to one night where I lost £160 playing NL50. I ran QQ in to AA on a T44 flop, then AK in to AT in a big 3bet pot - only for flop to come out AT9 leaving me in a shit spot. I recovered a bit in the last week though and starting to feel a bit more at ease playing live. I'll be heading down to the casino again this weekend and hope to start showing a profit there soon!

Anyway, for any poker geeks out there, including myself when I look back at this in many years from now, here is my HEM graph for Rush last month. Check out the return of the gay red line!!!