Monday, 21 June 2010

I lied - they continue to get worse.....

at least on cash.....

Since my last post on Saturday I've played pretty well, logging 3k hands with an EV of +£230. Does that reflect on my bank balance? Hell no! Take that bitch - another £100 lost, £300 behind EV. As the abovce graph now shows, this is the worst run of lucj I think I've ever had. In 12k hands I 'should' be £420 in profit, instead I'm in a hole for £800. £1.2k in lost EV, and as I'm now playing NL50 and NL100 dollar mostly that's some fucking going.

Only positive I can take is that my game is still holding together - just. I managed to win a freeroll last night of 180 runners on Players Only network for $600, despite losing AK vs AT, AJ vs 44, K9 vs 44, AJ vs A4 and a few other shitty ones. I got lucky shoving on first level with a flush draw + overs to try and build some chips, and once with A9s vs AA when he had just more than a big blind left and I was chip stacked shoving monster, but other than that I basically dominated the (weak) field without any luck. Maybe I should switch to multis when I get back from holiday. On second thoughts maybe not - I hate them more than Arsenal football club. Less than I hate Sol Campbell of course, but that's another discussion....

Anyway, off or lunch and second half of North Korea Portugal game. Hoping for some improved fortunes on the poker table when I return, but not holding my breath :-(

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Things can only get better

Poker and football have turned to shit. I'm now LOSING money at poker this month, with only 5 days to go. I had a quiet one Friday night - ie didn't get smashed watching the game - in order to play poker today. How bad a decision can one person make? Not only did I have to stay sober to watch the shittest England performance I can remember in a long time, I also lost nearly £600 at the tables today. The below graph shows my play and EV this week to show how much I've been raped.
After getting in JJ vs aggro reg pre only to run in to AA I decided enough was enough and logged off. I kind of felt he had a monster but he 4bets shed loads so I shoved expecting him to get it in with 99+ and AK. Shitty move really on my part but everyone makes mistakes when the cards go against you.

I plan to put in some hours tomorrow but it's been 17 days since I had a day where I won more than £150, in which time I have posted losing days of -£560, -£210-£170, -£180. Needless to say confidence is not high.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bad Week

Played 12 sessions this week, winning money in only 3 of them. I'm getting my money in bad and generally not feeling the love for poker this week. Killing me too as need to get some money saved up as taking the last week off for a holiday, and some bills to pay too etc. Hoping for a better day tomorrow to make me feel better.

In mean time I'm off to go take out my frustrations on the golf course with my new driver. I'm erratic at the best of times, but in this kind of mood all golfers should beware as soon as I stand up to the tee!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Happy Days!

Things are looking good! Sun is shining, and I'm making some money. I've only played 4 days this week at a very relaxed schedule, and already £600 up for the month. I also won the Ladbrokes daily World Cup quiz today so will be receiving the new England away shirt - awesome!!

I'm now off to celebrate by getting lashed in the corporate section of the T20 game at game Durham - cheers John for fixing. Hopefully the sun wil lstay out and I'll get a tan too.

Sunday Monday Happy Days.... Tuesday Wednesday Happy Days - the weekend comes..... etc etc :-)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Crazy Start

This has been my month so far. I've only played 4 sessions, and every one has been minimum + or - £200. Not good for the heart! I'm currently just above even so nowt to worry about profits wise.

I've not actually done much else this week, other than watch bits of the tennis and non stop reports from sky sports news of the state of the England squad. I'm not rating our chances this year, unless Rooney can find some form again. I've stuck a sneaky fiver on Serbia to win it as like the look of their squad, however I did this before I saw they lost to New Zealand and the players had to fit off unhappy fans on the pitch! Still good outside bet though in my opinion.

One other thing I did watch this week is a film called Zeitgeist. One of the best films I've seen, and way more scary than any Hollywood clap-trap. It's in the style of Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling For Columbine, without a self righteous fat front man ruining it. I learnt loads and would recommend to anyone.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

May P&L

After a lazy weekend spent shovelling food and alcohol down me, it's back to work this week, starting with posting monthly results from May

NL Cash: £1,773
MTT: -£63
STT: -£4
Rakeback / Bonus: £1,116

Live Tournaments: £29
Live Cash: £6


Obviously I'm not too upset by these results, as it's my second best month since going pro, however it could have been a lot better as I actually lost money in the last week (~£300). I made a couple of elementary mistakes that I think I've identified so hoping to get back to winning ways this week.

Thought I'd also post up my HEM graph for you poker boys to laugh at my red line. Gayest ever.