Monday, 3 January 2011

2011 - New Year, New Me!!

Biggest news that I have failed to report on here, mainly due to my shockingly poor dedication to this blog, is that I got engaged over Xmas to my gorgeous girlfriend, now fiance, and we've (nearly) set a date for April 2012. Great news for me is that K is keen on a Vegas wedding - not my idea honest - but also means we'll need to go over this year to check out possible venues etc etc. For 9 days. Nightmare :-)

With 15 or so months to go to the wedding and a Vegas holiday this year, and a stag do to go to it's clear I need to make some serious money to help fund all this! Hopefully this will give me the motivation and kick up the arse I need to push on and move out of the low level grinding mode I'm currently in.

How am I going to do this?

2011 targets:
One of the main reasons for my fall from grace has been my abject laziness to study poker for over a year. I logged on, played my hands at 6 max, and was on lazy boy mode. When I started losing I didn't have a clue why and felt completely all at sea as hadn't been thinking about hands at all and just played auto pilot. This will not happen in 2011

2. Play live cash
Having visited the casino a fair few times at the back end of 2010, I just can't get over how poor some of the live play is. On Friday and Saturday nights I don't think half of them can even see the cards let alone know how to play properly!! I want to be crushing the low level cash games at the casinos regularly and looking to move up by the end of the year to 1/2. I'd like to think I have the game now to play that level but I know psychologically I'm not ready to risk the £800 in one night I'd need to have to feel comfortable playing there (2 buy ins of 200 bb's). I'll get there though.

3. Play more tournaments - successfully - including some satellites
I'm learning here and now have think I have a much better grasp of what's needed in this sphere. I'm not there yet though so will need to make sure I keep up to speed with target 1 in order to continue my progress. I don't think I'm a million miles away though and as tournaments are something I enjoy I'm going to keep going with this.

4. Maybe (maybe!) learn some PLO
Only if I'm feeling adventurous!

2010 P&L

6 max: £5,896
HU Cash: -£407
Rush: £2,230
STT: -£186
MTT: £641
Rakeback / Bonus: £7,639


Live Tournaments: £661
Live Cash: £169



Sadly this is actually less than last years total, but as 5 of the last 7 months were winning months of less than £720 in profit this is actually higher than I was expecting when I put my figures together. I'm actually quietly optimistic for the new year at the moment!!

Dec P&L

Not a terrible month, and was looking like going to be a pretty good one until the Xmas holidays kicked in. I basically stopped playing any Rush poker after the 18th as was back at my folks then the mrs parents, meaning surroundings not conducive to thinking poker so I settled playing for a lot of tournaments to try and improve my leaks in this area. As you can see still not completed!

6max: -£2 (about 100 hands!)
Rush: £921
STT: -£159
MTT: £98
Rakeback / Bonus: £383


Live Tournament: -£22
Live Cash: £73