Saturday, 2 July 2011

June 2011 P&L

A little bit more upbeat since my last post as I've been hearing some positive noises from a few sources about the likelihood of me getting my money back, so I have decided to err on the side of optimism (strange for me) and NOT write off my Full Tilt account as a loss just yet.
Rush Poker: -£100
STT: -£15
MTT: £931
Rakeback / Bonus: £56
Total Online Profit: £877
Live Tournaments: £199
Live Cash: £1,085
Live Profit: £1,283
Total Profit: £2,160
Unfortunately July has started badly wth a loss of £185 last night. I played for 9 hours and saw one pair above 6's, but was still on course for a small profit at 4 am. Unfortunately I then tried to double barrel someone when I really shouldn't of, then shoved a turn against a decent reg who made a hero call with 88 on T637 board - I showed A6s with nut flush draw - but miss my outs. In hindsight I looked tilty so probably should have just flatted the turn, but also expected him to fold most of his range as he'd raised pre. C'est la vie.
A busy July ahead with stag weekend in Newquay, a 5 night stay in Prague for K's birthday then my birthday at the end of the month.