Monday, 16 August 2010

When Am I Ever Going To Run Good Again??

Graph for this month. Another sick session this afternoon, running JJ in to KK and QQ in to AA on ten high dry flops vs megga aggro opponents and losing a race TT vs AK all in pre. Also can't hit for shit whenever I get my big draws in on flop - AsQs on KsTs9 flush draw flop will always lose to KQ in a 3bet pot if you are me. Always. Hurts when they were all at NL200 as well.

Failed miserably in all the multis last night too, losing

KK vs AQ aipr,

KK vs 89 on a JT2 board

A9 shove versus 99

AK vs KK aipr (I probably should have slowed down with this hand, as was well stacked at the time - not used to ten handed games is my excuse!)

Anyway, enough bitching for one day. Congrats to Brenos on a great performance last night, and obviously wish all the best to Soap and family after what sounds like a scary as hell weekend. It does put my poker losses in to perspective when I sit back and look at it from afar......

Saturday, 14 August 2010

At last - a winning day!!

Just finished playing one of the longest sessions I've played in a long time (4 hours straight) and I'm pleased to report it's been a good session. I'm £650 up for the day, putting me £520 up for the month. Still some way to go before I can call it a good month but at least things are moving in the right direction again. Luck hasn't completely turned, as I'm still £650 behind EV for the month, but at least today I was ahead of EV so that puts me in a good mood at least. Hopefully I'll be paid back in endless run good in the EPO qualifiers I have tomorrow night.

4 am here and feels like the old days playing late in to the morning, not something I want to make a habit of, but needs must at the moment. Sleep time now - hope all else out there well.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Poker is shite

This is how I feel about poker at the moment. I'm Kyle and Cartman represents the shit house that is bad luck, following me around abusing me all day and all night. I'm too small and feeble to do anything about it other than sit there and take it from the fat fuck, and even though I may laugh on the inside at his vile humour, I'm beginning to get fed up with him. Over the last 62k hands - about 2 months - I'm now $2k behind EV. Seeing as though 41k of these hands were at NL50 or below that's sick.

Needless to say this whining means I'm losing again this month. I'm only £130 down in real terms, but my soul is crushed. I've got loads of freerolls this month and desperately would like a win to give me the love back for poker, otherwise I'm heading to the job office v soon :-(

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

July 2010 P&L

Again, not a great month, which was spent for too long at low limits. These games played completely different to my usual levels and it took me a while to adjust, meaning low profits and low rakeback = disaster! Saved by a good final week though.

6 max: £186
MTT: £151
STT: £10
Rush: -£9
Rakeback / Bonus: £376


Graph of cash games shown below:

New Start

My birthday has been and gone this weekend, which I spent sightseeing with the mrs in Rome, and it's put me in a reflective mood. I haven't posted anything on here for a while, mainly as I've been stressed as hell following 2 poor months (see results in next post). I've been putting a tonne of pressure on myself again, probably stemming from the fact I've been away every weekend in July and spent a fortune. I'm writing these expenses off, using some savings to cover them, and starting again. I'm still well rolled and have plenty of savings, and I think the fact I panicked at the start of last month - playing low limits to protect losses / build confidence - was a big mistake. I didn't earn enough rake and didn't win anywhere near enough to compensate it. Lesson learned I hope, and a more relaxed time frame for playing will be aimed for this month. Having said that, I do already have 2 weekends booked in for August with family and Uni reunion so new relaxed Ben may have to wait until next month!

Anyway, life is still good, and I just need to remember that a bit more often when I hit a rough patch at the tables.