Thursday, 12 August 2010

Poker is shite

This is how I feel about poker at the moment. I'm Kyle and Cartman represents the shit house that is bad luck, following me around abusing me all day and all night. I'm too small and feeble to do anything about it other than sit there and take it from the fat fuck, and even though I may laugh on the inside at his vile humour, I'm beginning to get fed up with him. Over the last 62k hands - about 2 months - I'm now $2k behind EV. Seeing as though 41k of these hands were at NL50 or below that's sick.

Needless to say this whining means I'm losing again this month. I'm only £130 down in real terms, but my soul is crushed. I've got loads of freerolls this month and desperately would like a win to give me the love back for poker, otherwise I'm heading to the job office v soon :-(

1 comment:

  1. I am sure it will turn. From reading the blog it seems you just need to get down and grind full time. Doing it professionally is tough and the variance is hard to take at times, but if you put the hours in and a full time pro shoud be doing more than 60k in 2 months, variance will even off and your quality will come through. Also why dropping down to NL50 after months of higher and no significant downswing. Focus and hours and it'll all come good