Monday, 6 December 2010

November P&L - and early December results

Again, it's been a while since I posted on here, which clearly means things haven't been going as well as I'd have hoped. Apologies to those that left comments that I hadn't got back to - basically I have tried to avoid posting miserable stories so decided best not post at all!

Another turgid month on the profit front for November means I'm hanging on by my fingertips to avoid having to go back to work - here's the breakdown:

6 max: -£445
SnG: - £56
MTT: -£24
Rush: £961
Rakeback: £213

Total Online Profit: £650

Live Cash: £30

Total Overall Profit: £680

As you can see, Rush Poker saved me in November after my 3rd month in a row losing at 6max - I'm done with that for now! I started playing NL25 Rush and moved up to NL50 halfway through the month - full ring - and so far I've found it pretty straightforward. I'm in a nice routine and have a nice system worked out, at least it has worked so far.

I ran terribly in SnG's, or at least I think I did. I've put in a lot of time studying various concepts of SnG strategy, i.e. ICM, pushing / folding ranges and bubble play, and think I have a good handle on what is needed. Unfortunately results don't show it yet but I will be looking to put in some more time on these in December, along with playing some multis as I finally feel I know what I'm doing at the different stages of the tournaments now.

The last part of my new poker strategy is to play more live, especially cash. I want to be comfortable playing live without giving off obvious tells, which I think I'm still doing at the moment. I want to try and standardise everything - bet timing, betting action, the way I look after I bet - which I'm definitely not doing. I've played a few cash games at Aspers on the weekend and to be honest it doesn't really matter at the NL50 level I'm playing, as 75% of the people there are hammered on a Friday / Saturday and never fold no matter how strong you look! Even so, my aim is to get better to hopefully help me get to the bigger cash game of NL200 without shitting myself every time I enter a pot! Although I think online will still be where you can make the most money, I think I need the social interaction of live play to stop me going completely hermit like and losing all ability to hold a conversation - which is another big reason for me wanting to play live.

I've rambled on a bit here - just wanted to quickly add that December has been a flying start for me. I'm already £710 up after 4 days of Rush poker, winning at £32 per hour after 15k hands! The aim is to carry on playing Rush now at home and hit casinos at weekends where possible, hopefully to get a solid month under my belt to give me some confidence to continue playing poker next year without working!!