Monday, 29 March 2010

Irish Luck!

After losing over 1k in 3 days at the back end of last week, I was desperate to make some cash this week to turn around a disappointing month so far. Things weren't looking great this afternoon when I'd managed to only scrape £35 winnings in the first 1.3k hands of the day.

I then took a break, had a coffee in the front room with K and then WAS WISHED GOOD FORTUNE BY A REAL IRISH PERSON!!! (K's friend). Cue £687 boom switch, which felt like a gazillion buy ins at NL100 dollar tables. I won 13/16 AI showdowns, although to be fair to me 12 of these I was greater than 60% favourite when the money went in. It's still an unfamiliar feeling to win those though so I'm more than pleased - and yes - I will be making sure K's friend is invited around again in the very near future!!!

Tiiirrty trrrreeeee potayyyytoes!!!! Graaaandddddd!!! (me practicing being Irish)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

I'm still alive

..... just not felt the urge to post on my blog for a while. This has mainly because I've been away (Cheltenham) then been getting my head down and playing some hands this week. This was going AWESOME for me, and was up a shedload after getting through 9k hands. Then the last 2k today have been shite. Truly horribly shite. Have a look at this depressing site of today's P&L:

I have been outplayed, outdrawn and spewed. In my last session tonight I got AK and QQ in pre flop for 100bb and ran in to KK and AA, lost AK to QQ after massive pre flop raise called and pot sized bet for flop, and also tried to barrell off a loose predictable player in a 3bet pot on a T356 board only to be check called for pot on 2 streets with 44. nh, wp. I also got half a stack in with 22 on a K22T board only for river to bink a T and my flopped full house suddenly looks pretty shitty.

Reading through the above has actually made me feel a bit better. I don't think I'd have played the hands any different in a winning session, but when you are running bad and you miss every pot you begin to doubt a lot of your plays. I'll take a break and hit tables again soon. Which I need to do as profit for month suddenly looks very unhealthy!!

I'll try and post a bit more interesting stuff on here soon, hopefully with better news by the end of the month on the poker front!

Friday, 5 March 2010

How Heterosexual Am I???

After getting some helpful advice, along with some not so helpful but expected berating about my gay red line, I really tried to turn this area around and try and win some non-showdown pots in the second half of Feb. I still have LOADS to work on here as I have turned in to a 3 barrelling monkey at times and value betting the villains hand for them, but I think I am making some progress.

Here are the 2 HEM graphs for the 2 main sites I played on last month- starting with Ladbrokes 6 max.

And here is my Full Tilt Rush Poker full ring graph - as you can see I'm always the most aggressive player on the table!!!

I'll add graphs on each month from now on as I think it will be interesting to see these over a long period of time, but main reason I wanted to post these as it's the first month ever (EVER!!) that I've had a positive outcome from non-showdown winnings.

February P&L (and quick Center Parks update)

I made it back alive from Centre Parks and the 'scary' 9 metre jump, which in fact was nowhere near as daunting as I first feared. The zip wire thing that we did was also made less scary when I saw three people go on before me without a care in the world - and their combined age was probably less than me on my own! It was a great week though, awesome to spend some time with the mrs and to get out of my office in to the real world. I did do some exercise but this was more than countered by meals out every day - I really do need to get to the gym soon!

Anyway, here are the final figures from last month, massively helped by my final weeks volume and wins.

6-max cash: £712 (26k hands)
Rush Poker: £256 (28k hands)
Rakeback / Bonus: £663


Live Tournaments: -£39


Targets for March
- replicate last week of February's work ethic for the majority of March, spending most of my time on NL100 6max rather than NL25 rush poker!
- continue to focus on non-showdown winnings / losses as an area for improvement.
- send more hands to mates for analysis - and hope not to get ripped to shreds about my play every time :-)