Friday, 5 March 2010

February P&L (and quick Center Parks update)

I made it back alive from Centre Parks and the 'scary' 9 metre jump, which in fact was nowhere near as daunting as I first feared. The zip wire thing that we did was also made less scary when I saw three people go on before me without a care in the world - and their combined age was probably less than me on my own! It was a great week though, awesome to spend some time with the mrs and to get out of my office in to the real world. I did do some exercise but this was more than countered by meals out every day - I really do need to get to the gym soon!

Anyway, here are the final figures from last month, massively helped by my final weeks volume and wins.

6-max cash: £712 (26k hands)
Rush Poker: £256 (28k hands)
Rakeback / Bonus: £663


Live Tournaments: -£39


Targets for March
- replicate last week of February's work ethic for the majority of March, spending most of my time on NL100 6max rather than NL25 rush poker!
- continue to focus on non-showdown winnings / losses as an area for improvement.
- send more hands to mates for analysis - and hope not to get ripped to shreds about my play every time :-)

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