Monday, 29 March 2010

Irish Luck!

After losing over 1k in 3 days at the back end of last week, I was desperate to make some cash this week to turn around a disappointing month so far. Things weren't looking great this afternoon when I'd managed to only scrape £35 winnings in the first 1.3k hands of the day.

I then took a break, had a coffee in the front room with K and then WAS WISHED GOOD FORTUNE BY A REAL IRISH PERSON!!! (K's friend). Cue £687 boom switch, which felt like a gazillion buy ins at NL100 dollar tables. I won 13/16 AI showdowns, although to be fair to me 12 of these I was greater than 60% favourite when the money went in. It's still an unfamiliar feeling to win those though so I'm more than pleased - and yes - I will be making sure K's friend is invited around again in the very near future!!!

Tiiirrty trrrreeeee potayyyytoes!!!! Graaaandddddd!!! (me practicing being Irish)

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