Friday, 5 March 2010

How Heterosexual Am I???

After getting some helpful advice, along with some not so helpful but expected berating about my gay red line, I really tried to turn this area around and try and win some non-showdown pots in the second half of Feb. I still have LOADS to work on here as I have turned in to a 3 barrelling monkey at times and value betting the villains hand for them, but I think I am making some progress.

Here are the 2 HEM graphs for the 2 main sites I played on last month- starting with Ladbrokes 6 max.

And here is my Full Tilt Rush Poker full ring graph - as you can see I'm always the most aggressive player on the table!!!

I'll add graphs on each month from now on as I think it will be interesting to see these over a long period of time, but main reason I wanted to post these as it's the first month ever (EVER!!) that I've had a positive outcome from non-showdown winnings.