Monday, 16 August 2010

When Am I Ever Going To Run Good Again??

Graph for this month. Another sick session this afternoon, running JJ in to KK and QQ in to AA on ten high dry flops vs megga aggro opponents and losing a race TT vs AK all in pre. Also can't hit for shit whenever I get my big draws in on flop - AsQs on KsTs9 flush draw flop will always lose to KQ in a 3bet pot if you are me. Always. Hurts when they were all at NL200 as well.

Failed miserably in all the multis last night too, losing

KK vs AQ aipr,

KK vs 89 on a JT2 board

A9 shove versus 99

AK vs KK aipr (I probably should have slowed down with this hand, as was well stacked at the time - not used to ten handed games is my excuse!)

Anyway, enough bitching for one day. Congrats to Brenos on a great performance last night, and obviously wish all the best to Soap and family after what sounds like a scary as hell weekend. It does put my poker losses in to perspective when I sit back and look at it from afar......

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