Wednesday, 1 September 2010

August P&L

It's pretty obvious that I've lost a bit of interest in the blog, but I do hope to regain this in the next few months and start to write about non poker stuff as well as poker results. I've tried to stay away from here the last few weeks as I have felt as though I've been writing the same old boring crap about bad beats / bad luck etc. I apologise to everyone that's got bored reading it - including those bloggers that have a history of writing about the very same subject - you know who you are Soapy!!

Anyway, after a mid to late month rally my August didn't turn out too bad - despite the fact I ran £1,350 behind EV - imagine how good it could have been!:

6max: £1,717
MTT: -£4
Rush: -£65
Rakeback / Bonus: £726


No live play last month but I am heading down to London to rail Brenos in the EPO, and if running OK in the next week or so will most likely enter myself in the £250 NLHE side event - if running again this year. I can't find it in the schedule online anywhere but I did find a £250 and £500 listed for 2009 EPO so hoping will be there again.

If anyone wants to buy shares in me at even equity then all funds appreciated - this is a bit higher than my usual buy in but I am due to run good so got to be considered a good investment :-) Let me know.

Cash graph for August - more work needed on red line again.....

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  1. Imagine how depressing this blog would be in a losing month.......................