Thursday, 16 September 2010

London and EPO

First off - congratulations to Brenos, taking 5th place in the English Poker Open over the weekend winning over £40,000 in the process. I know he was a bit disappointed on the day but pretty certain now that he has taken his cheque to the bank he'll be smiling for the next week or so :-)

I was privileged enough to join Brennan in London for the weekend and I thought he handled himself brilliantly both on the table and in the compulsory interviews he conducted for the live web feeds. Here's his exit interview:

As for me, there were no side games available due to the small venue at Palm Beach Casino, so I spent my time drinking free beers provided by the Rake The Rake staff while watching Brenos from the rail. All except Saturday that is, where I was suffering from an almighty hangover following the free bash on Friday in Movida nightclub. There were tonnes of poker celebs, including Tom Dwann, Jessie May, Kara Scott, James Akenhead etc etc. My favourite though was Mike Sexton, who I met after one too many free shots so rudely interrupted him chatting up a hostess girl to ask him where the hell Vince Van Patten was! He took it like a gent though and even predicted that Brenos - despite being pretty sozzled himself - would make the final table. Guess he does know a thing or two about poker after all.

Made it back very late Tuesday night and only got round to playing poker again today, breaking even after 1.3k hands. Good to sleep in own bed again (and see mrs of course!) and hoping to crush online over next week or so. I'm feeling proper motivated again and although I know I'm still a fair way behind Brennan in poker savvy at the moment, it does show what can be achieved.


  1. A full moan free post well done mate

    soap :D ;)

  2. you handled yourself well in the commentary box as well may I say. sounded vvvg

  3. Don't you think its weird seeing all the poker celebs? Its as if you know them but if you say hi they haven't a clue who the fuck you are and look at you like some strange stalker!