Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sept P&L - shocker!

A shambles. I've just spent the last 4 hours trying to clear a $200 bonus and in the process have lost £220 - a net loss of about $100. That's nothing though compared to these month end results......

6 max: -£1,144
Rush: £27
MTT: £95
Rakeback / Bonus: £803


Staking Profit: £750


I haven't typed up anything in my blog for ages as I feel as though my game has gone to shit. I've spewed so many buy ins off in the last 10 days it's scary. I was £640 up before London before BIG downswing. Everything I have tried has failed - double and triple barrels when he has it, not firing again when he has weak hand but I have no showdown value. In this time I have also gone from being £600 above EV to £300 behind - i.e. I hit none of my draws in the past 10 days. Ho hum.

Just need to put this behind me now and try and grind on next month. Going to have a crack at some live cash I think when K is away, hopefully will break the losing cycle and freshen up my game a bit. It definitely needs it! Will also spend the first few days of next month reading some articles and watching a few training videos. The videos bore the shit out of me but I think I need to do it to remind myself that it's not professional / OK to lose buy ins by barrelling off like a retarded monkey.


  1. Play 50BB tables on *s for a week in your usual style and will be back in profit.


  2. Can;t be a winning month every month mate. These months are sent to test us. Chin up and gl smashing it in October.



  3. oh, that graph is eeevil :(
    hope you'll do better in oct, no retarded monkey !:)

  4. u still play for a livin fish?