Saturday, 19 June 2010

Things can only get better

Poker and football have turned to shit. I'm now LOSING money at poker this month, with only 5 days to go. I had a quiet one Friday night - ie didn't get smashed watching the game - in order to play poker today. How bad a decision can one person make? Not only did I have to stay sober to watch the shittest England performance I can remember in a long time, I also lost nearly £600 at the tables today. The below graph shows my play and EV this week to show how much I've been raped.
After getting in JJ vs aggro reg pre only to run in to AA I decided enough was enough and logged off. I kind of felt he had a monster but he 4bets shed loads so I shoved expecting him to get it in with 99+ and AK. Shitty move really on my part but everyone makes mistakes when the cards go against you.

I plan to put in some hours tomorrow but it's been 17 days since I had a day where I won more than £150, in which time I have posted losing days of -£560, -£210-£170, -£180. Needless to say confidence is not high.


  1. If it hekps then I am running good ;)

    Chin up mate - you know that you make money long term from that approach.

    However, I would also recommend taking a shot this month at higher stakes as standard seems to be terrible when wsop is on.

  2. Oi thats nasty - those graphs are painful to watch (almost as painful as the England team). Still, if you have confidence in yourself you have to stick with it and hope things pick up. Good luck.