Saturday, 7 November 2009

A Losing Session!?!?!

I've waited a while to post this. I've just had a losing session, dropping $89 on NL50. I made a couple of loose calls and also got coolered on one hand, and I feel sick. Thus brings to an end my longest winning streak of online poker....... 14 sessions in a row where I either break even or win :-)

I've not put anything on the blog as I know it curses me, so I'm hoping that as I lost this one session, the run bad has been taken up already and I'll continue to run good for the rest of the month.

For the record I'm currently £1.6k up for the month. BOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!


  1. I feel sick. Good skills mate, hows the volume?

  2. 7.3k hands. Slight loser at NL50 over 2.5k, a bit of a winner at NL100 :-)

    I know I'm running well and expect a downturn at some point...

  3. Don;t be so results orientated mate. I know its hard as hell to do, but just review your session without looking at the profits or losses and then say, each week take a look to see how you are doing.

    Just my opinion, but it's too easy to be results orientated and it doesn;t allow you to always play your A-Game.

    Good luck!


  4. How comes no EV stats on this post ;) !!!

    Good skills

  5. Alright mate, just wondering whether those are paid links in the top left hand corner? If so can you send me contact details pls ;-)

  6. BM - i know what you mean about not being results orientated, still a big problem for me as always get down when losing. Think the attitude ultimately makes me want to get better though and therefore study more so I'm not going to kick it out of my system completely, although do need to be on more of an even keel in the short term.

    Soap - I am running well yes!! (only $400 above EV though....)

    Amatay - soz mate, these are freebies - I'm not getting paid a penny!!! Feel free to add the links to yours though, a good deed done for others = unlimited good karma.