Monday, 16 November 2009

Reality Check

Well, I knew it was coming. My heater is over and now on a bit of a losing streak, dropping 600 euros in the last 3k hands. I'm also break even over the last 8k hands so my mojo has dropped a bit. I think I'm trying to play too many tables, 5 or 6 at times rather than normal 3 or 4, and also not fighting enough for non showdown profits - as Brenos would say I've gone back to being a showdown monkey.

Need to get my head back on straight then hit tables again tonight......


  1. I'm all over the place on how many tables to play. I recently started a blog about poker and planning a move to Vegas:

    Any input would be much appreciated, I linked your site under my favorites on the front page.


  2. No updates / complaining for a week = winning a fortune )NAP) :D