Sunday, 4 July 2010

Last 2 weeks

After a horrendous end to June poker wise it was nice to get a holiday in to take in some sunshine with the mrs - disappearing to Spain for a cheap holiday doing nothing but sun bathe eat and drink. I wasn't in the best of physical shapes before I left but one week later I feel like I've doubled in size! I tried to go for a run the day after I came back which only proved how unfit I am at the moment, truly embarrassing. I'm going to go for a couple a week and will hopefully improve....

I did (sadly) also manage to watch the football while I was away and probably like pretty much everyone in England was horrified by our performance in the whole of the World Cup. I've heard / read a few rumours flying around about about some disharmony in the camp due to more prima donnas shagging around and it does piss me off. I don't give a shit about their private lives and if we have thrown away our last chance of winning a World Cup for 8 years due to some twats falling out then I'd happily throw all of them in North Sea and start again with the U17's. We're never going to win it in Brazil anyway (4 years time) so might as well start planning for the future. Terry, Lampard, Gerrard, Ferdinand, et al out!!

Rant over. New season starts next month and looking forward to seeing Spurs again. Just hope we get an easy draw in Champions League qualifier ... any Scottish team will do :-)

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