Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Life / Poker Update

Been a while since I posted and don't have much time so will be quick.

Life has been going well, celebrated K's 25th birthday at the weeeknd by staying at Matfen Hall for the evening - 3 course meal, use of spa etc etc. I think she liked it which of course as any bloke knows was the main thing. I've had one round of golf since I've been back and managed to record my worst ever round of 126, including 71 on the back 9. Much improvement needed in the 2 weeks I have before lads golfing weekend in Edinburgh.

Poker has been a bit of a chore too. I'm currently at break even for the month but do actually feel better today than have done in a while with my game. I'll be caning the tables in the next few days hoping to build a roll again as I've had a bit of time off lately that kills the volume and rakeback.

Apologies for being dull as fuck in this post, really shouldn't have bothered but started so thought I'd finish.


  1. I've always found that after a short break I come back to the tables in much better form. Hope you're getting some good runs going.

  2. Hi there,

    Good luck getting back in the swing of things. A while ago you stopped by my blog and argued reasons I should drop to full buy in. I just wanted to stop by and say you were right (guess I owe you a drink or something). I just decided to switch and I'm going to stop with the short-stack b.s for a while. I'd really appreciate any input if you get a chance to read my reasoning for switching over at my blog.



  3. Thanks for the update, even if it was pretty dull ;) Things seemt o be picking up, and the night away sounds great. 126 though - ouch!

  4. Keeping her indoors happy is always a +EV move IMO