Tuesday, 1 September 2009

August P&L

A very disappointing month on the poker tables, where I ran like shit for MASSIVE spells, proving that you definitely need a decent bankroll management strategy AND the patience of a saint not to tilt off all of your bankroll. I think I'm pretty good at the first one, sensibly dropping down limits when I needed to, but still need a bit of work on the latter :-)

NL Cash: £198
(24k hands, 5 bb/100)
Rakeback / Bonus: £696
Live Tournaments: -£80
Live Cash: -£110


Luckily my good July means that this isn't a complete disaster, but I'm obviously hoping for a better month next month. My HEM actually says I'm losing £900 in EV from the cash tables, and as I was playing half NL50 and half NL100, this is about 14 buy ins. Grim.

Targets for September:
Play 40k + hands
Spend less time pissing about on the internet before / after each poker session
Do more poker reading / theory revision.
Maybe play a few satellites if running good and feel like I can afford to take a break from cash tables


  1. FFS stop this EV nonsense - I already showed you the calculation is fundamentally flawed and anyone who is a decnt player is naturally going to be - EV !!

  2. ps profit is profit hence no disaster !!

  3. Did you have an awesome last couple of days?

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