Friday, 11 September 2009

Finally A Winning Session!

Took a break for a couple of days as was getting a bit sick of grinding out break even sessions and my head wasn't really in it. Played a bit of guitar hero, watched some tv and dvd's (gotta love Mr Deeds!!) and poker videos, and suddenly everything is rosy again. :-)

Played 3 sessions tonight totally about 4 hours, and despite one turn suck out by Carl on me that I paid off (loser Holmes!!) I ran pretty good. I lost count of the number of times I had aces, so just checked now.... 13 times in 1450 hands - one in every 110. You should get them every 220 hands so that's a pretty decent run of cards. This helped me win about £300 to put me back in profit for the month, and more importantly put me in confident mood to hit the tables again before Vegas.


  1. Good on yer, maaaate.

  2. is one of you lazy *******!!! going to do a Vegas update?