Friday, 2 October 2009

Vegas Baby!!!

Unfortunately for Mark (and anyone else interested), this is not going to be a long post outlining the events of our 9 days in Vegas. 3 reasons for this:
  1. I was too drunk most of the time to remember all of it
  2. I could never do it justice writing it up at 1:30 am even if I could remember
  3. Brennan has been tasked with pulling together a monster write up and video montage a la his Thailand efforts, therefore I do not want to steal his thunder.

What I will say is it was a class lads holiday, with some quality comedy moments starting on the flight out there (it was good upstairs) and not stopping until the flight back (was that the Flamingo??). Hopefully Brennan's official report will be available soon for all to see.

On poker front out there, I played a fair bit but didn't win anywhere near enough considering it's my job and most of the 1/2 cash tables were garbage. I ended about $300 up on cash over 5 sessions, mostly waiting for the nuts (or big overpair) to get my money in. As Ad can testify, nobody seemed to be able to find the 'fold' button meaning it was just luck whether your hand held up. I will definitely be playing more if / when I go back - as long as it's not with the mrs of course!!!

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