Friday, 16 October 2009

Rough 2 days

I think I'm getting the man flu, which everyone knows is the worst type, and I think my laptop was feeling left out so it decided to get a virus of it's own. 24 hours ish with no poker and constant texts / phone calls / emails to my technical advisor (Brennan) still left me a bit screwed, with no HOLDEM Manager and looking like I might be booking myself some unwanted time off while it got fixed properly. I then try a last ditch attempt of turning off my wireless router and back on again and hey presto! - my PC is back to working order. Who needs to have an IT degree..... (thanks though Brennan)

In some ways though I wish it didn't work. I've since managed to lose $200 on the poker tables, through bad luck, set ups and one or two loose plays. Not helped by my drowsy state of mind, but I do need to get my head sorted out before I play again tomorrow.

Good luck to mighty Spurs over weekend, although have a nasty feeling we'll come a cropper at Fratton Park. We rarely (never) win there, and they'll be well up for it against 'Arry. Our most influential player (Palacios) has also been round the world on World Cup duty with Honduras, and last time he did that before the Man Utd game he was crap (for him), putting in the worst performance of his Spurs career. Without him, we're average with no backbone. In fact, I think I've just talked myself in to an Azz style back against my team bet on Betfair....

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  1. Mate what's going on? Quite ridiculous journalism if you ask me. Either that or your levels of IT retardation have reached new heights. So it wasn't the hours of expert guidance on virus removal, program removal and reinstallation? It was the fact that once all nasties had been fixed but the internet was down, YOU fixed everything by rebooting your router. Bravo. But hey at least you know where Control Panel is now.

    I expect some love next post or my legal team will be in touch.