Monday, 5 October 2009

Ship It!!

After a rocky first few sessions, October has been smooth sailing so far on the poker front. I've logged nearly 5k hands and about $300 up on 6 max cash, playing well. I feel a lot more relaxed this month and not letting the big losing pots get to me as much, which is still my Achilles heel.

After a winning Saturday afternoon session online I rewarded myself with a trip to Grosvenor with Azz for there £25 + £20 one add on tournament. As value for money goes, this is actually really good, as you start with 6.5k chips with an option for one add on or rebuy for an extra 6.5k. As the blinds start at 25/50 then 50/100 for the first 90 minutes, there is plenty if play. In the olden days, I would have loved it - however my opinion now is that it could be a Saturday night wasted due to missing the drunks online. The fact there were only 29 players in it also meant the prize pot wasn't the biggest.

I had no problems getting to the final table but a lack of hands and plenty of others providing action meant I was short stack at bubble time with 6 left. With 18k and big blind of 3k, I'm looking to push any 2. After an UG limp and SB call, I look down on BB and decide my K5 suited is good enough to shove with - hopefully getting folds - but alas get called by UG AK. I was worried but the river brought me the magic 3rd heart for my flush - back in the game!

I then try to knock out the previous UG limper in the next hand when I shove from the SB with KQ to get turbo called by short stack with AQ. No luck for me this time and I'm back to where I started, short stack. We manage to play another hour without losing anyone, then I get my much needed double up, when my shove from mid position versus UG limper is cold called by the rock BB with JJ. My 77 looks in big trouble, but again I spike, leaving me comfortable at last. 3 people depart in quick succession and after losing a race (AK vs 99) then winning one (TT vs AQ) I go in to last 3 as slight chip leader - 120k vs 95k vs 85k. As it's 3:30 am I suggest a chop and I go home with the £275 split.

I took yesterday off so back to the grindstone today - hoping to run as well as the tournament on Saturday!

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