Friday, 9 October 2009

Daily Grind

Started today awful, losing over $200 in about 30 minutes. It didn't look good, but after a quick review of my losing hands I was pretty happy that I hadn't spewed off chips so didn't feel too bad and carried on. Won back my losses in the same session and ended only $15 down, which felt like a victory.

I caught a glimpse of Mark tearing up the PLO1000 table while relaxing in the Thailand sun / rain, so was tempted in to a game of this too. As I'm a novice I didn't sit down in the seat next to him, instead settled for a more relaxing PLO10 and PLO20 - much more my level :-). Did OK though and won $40 in 20 mins, even at these baby levels, so tempted to play a bit more later in the month.

Final session of today has been a 90 minute blast on Full Tilt, where I won a further $100 at NL50. Not an outstanding day, but until my bankroll is sufficient to sustain me at higher levels, I'll be happy with these regular wins and eeking out a pay day.

Off out for food tonight so unlikely to play later, but plan to hit drunks tomorrow night - either at casino or online.

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