Friday, 2 October 2009

September P&L

What can I say? Rubbish stats. Playing so few hands is obviously not helping me (target was 40k), but the hands I did play weren't played perfectly. I ran bad at NL100 at the beginning of the month and then had to spin it back up by playing predominantly at NL50, which I managed to do - hence +ve bb/100 even though an overall loss:

NL Cash: -£60
(19k hands, 2.56 bb/100)
MTT: £20
Rakeback / Bonus: £398

Live Tournaments: -£30
Live Cash: £212


Targets for October:

-Get a routine sorted!! My playing times are too erratic and still feel rushed, and I did not complete ANY poker theory revision due to my desperation to play.

-Play 40k hands.

- Update the blog more regularly :-)

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