Thursday, 8 October 2009

AGGGGHHHHH!!!!! (annoyed)

Was having a decent day today, winning money at poker and winning at 5 a side football (19-2), so I should have known better than to log back on at 10pm tonight. I started the session $250 up and cruising, and as Ladbrokes was dying I decided to play NL50 on Full Tilt to try and build a bankroll from $500 start. Bad idea tonight.

I proceed to run QQ and AK in to KK pre flop for $50 buy ins, then JJ in to AA for $25. My 2 pairs are counterfeited and someone else hits their gutshot on turn after calling preflop raise and pot cbet for 50% of their chips w J8 on a K97 board. AK never any good for me there.

I only won one pot above $12, when I get lucky to hold AA against KK all in pre flop for a buy in, otherwise things could have been a lot worse. I lose $190 in the session so my profits for day are a measly $60, giving me online profits for month of $250 so far. It's a good job I won the Grosvenor on Friday or I would be a depressed man.....

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