Thursday, 22 October 2009

And boom goes the dynamite......

No, I did not just get my leg over. Pretty good news though. I've just about recovered from evil man flu, and now healthy enough to be certain of heading to London for the NFL this weekend. Been looking forward to this for a while, and although I'm not as much of a New England Patriots fan as Briggs is, I can't wait to see all the yank razzamatazz on show.
I'm also running good again at poker. I've just finished probably my most profitable evening's play in the last couple of months, winning $480 before rakeback. It's amazing what winning a few flips can do for your bankroll, especially at NL100.
Anyway, gone 1 am here so time to crash. Been a while since I said it, so GL to all those playing out there :-)

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