Sunday, 6 September 2009

September Starts Now

Ground my way back to even for September, including a 5 hour session this afternoon / evening for £200. I've now played 8k hands this month, not great but better than last month's rate!

I also have a new plan and will be moving some of my roll to PokerStars to allow me to play at different times of the day, hopefully against weaker opponents. Very late evening and early morning UK time (2 am - 10 am) are pretty dead on Ladbrokes, and full of regulars. Right now (2 am) there are 4k people online on Ladbrokes compared to 163k on PokerStars - odds have therefore got to be in favour of finding some fish on Stars! Lack of rakeback is a massive drawback but if I can win at a higher rate then sure this will cover it. Big if of course....

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