Saturday, 9 January 2010

Always stop playing when tired!

There are far worse things that can heppen to you when tired - like falling asleep behind the wheel of a car or your mates shaving off your eyebrows when you pass out - but playing poker online is also not advisable. I was happily sitting on a 280 euro profit for tonight, but after playing on for an extra 10 minutes past my cut off time (2am) - I managed to lose 120 of it back in 2 minutes.

First I accidentally overcall a pre flop raise with crap and lose about 15 euros floating, and then get involved in a big hand when deep with AK versus a tough reg out of position - 4betting big preflop. Might not have been too bad, apart from the fact I bet 50 euros on river with air when I knew he'd call with ALL his range - even AK. I counted out the bet amount on my slider, thought it through, and decided that a check fold was in fact the better play. Unfortunately as I slid my mouse over towards the check button, I slipped and clicked too soon - BET - snap call him and 50 euros gone not to be seen again. I soon woke up after that, but was too late and wisely logged off Ladbrokes before I tilted any more away. If there was a cat around I would have kicked it.

Despite this annoying last 5 minutes, my month is going pretty well. 8.5k hands played and around £800 up at the moment. Day off likely tomorrow as I'm overdue a squash game with Briggs and in time deficit with K - something I better make sure I put right before she gets angry! I am the boss though.... honest....


  1. That €50 could have got you a bag of pick'n'mix at the cinema :-(

  2. ps

    One of the most common mistakes in poker is the money you lose fater a misclick. Noone is prepared to justgiveit up as a misclick and usually costs them much more.

    I learned from expensive mistakes and just take cost of misclick unless flop well or board comes something i would have made move on anyway.

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  4. how did I manage to delete that comment?, buggas this, here i go again

    I agree, so hard to leave pot alone after misclick, I did it yesterday, will hill table formats are crap and even 3 tables way overlap on my screen (probably being retard and missing a setting). Anyway I called a 3 bet with 9 4 when screen popped up quickly.

    I flopped nothing on 3 7 10 board and still managed to give a bit more when trying to raise the 3 better post flop (convincing myself he had ak) idiot he insta goes all in and i insta fold after giving $26 more after flop, wp me

    Good profit, sounds like yopu could be on course for a belter month, lets get to that 40k also ;-)