Monday, 11 January 2010

Quick Life Update

Still trying to avoid poker for a few more minutes before start up again (see previous post), so thought I'd cheer myself up by writing quick life update.
Due to snow.... not really done much!

Update over.

Actually - I have booked up a March holiday to Center Parcs with K, which is cool. And we did go see Avatar this week at Imax Studio in metro centre. If you haven't been yet, GET YOUR ARSE THERE. It's awesome, especially in 3D on the big screen. £10.50 a ticket, but well worth it.

Brennan also really fancies the lead female character, proving once again after the Fiona Bruce comment (Fiona Bruce?!?!?) that he really does need to get out the house more! Here's a sneak preview of what got Brennan so worked up.....

I think it's the ears that do it!!!


  1. Very nice blog sir!

    Brenos likes Blue ladies? ha ha, well each to their own I guess.

    Could you please link us up and we will do the same.