Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Start of 2010....

... hasn't been too bad. I felt very rusty after my NY break, including NY eve and Jan 3rd drinking sessions, therefore only started playing again yesterday. Not before I'd had a refresher course from Ed Miller on StoxPoker, and think this helped with my confidence as much as it did my theory knowledge, as although I knew it all (well, most of it) it's nice to watch again and realise you are doing most of the concepts they preach already.

So results so far - about 200 euro up after 1.5k hands. More volume clearly needed but I feel like i'm playing well - my gay red line is even more profitable than my blue one this month!!

GL to all playing out there - especially those playing during the day as there's too much snow to get in to work - you know who you are!! :-)


  1. Keep up the blog and good luck for 2010 Ben, Goosey

  2. ATB for 2010 mate. Just keeping that red line in the +ve makes me wet! lolol.