Monday, 1 February 2010

Jan 2010 P&L

A late end of month rally saved me from a bad month, with Friday and Saturday night social players contributing nicely to my wage - otherwise I'd have been up shit creek this month! Here are the results anyway....

NL Cash: £1,163 (37k hands)
MTT: -£8
Rakeback / Bonus: £719


No live play this month, but fancy a live game or two so will see what's occurring this month.

Targets for February:
- play 40k hands :-)
- delete CIV4 from my laptop to stop one of my (many) distractions
- shake off this shitty hamstring injury and then get myself fit again - maybe even join a gym???

1 comment:

  1. good start to the year fella, 40k failure a blip, fancy a side bet with you doing it in Feb (and dont give me that Feb is a short month lark)