Friday, 19 February 2010

No Updates = Hate Poker

Not in a good poker frame of mind at the moment, getting battered in 6max on Ladbrokes, losing every race and then compounding matters by making mistakes too. I'm currently £300 down this month there so not looking great for my P&L, all I can say is it's a good job I've got some savings behind me as I think I'm going to need them!!

I've also been playing a lot of 9 handed rush poker, mainly because I enjoy it, but have a feeling it's knocking my 6max game so should stop pissing around on it really. Just to prove I am capable of a heterosexual red line too, here's my month's graph for Full Tilt only:

Now for some run good on normal game please - just one time!!!


  1. # Prize Player Rake
    1 0 $2500 no_luck 3209.00
    2 0 $1500 check_lol 2357.00
    ... ... ... ...
    49 0 $80 666tuna 224.00