Monday, 24 May 2010

Here Comes The Pain!!!

On 2 fronts.

Firstly, I think my golden poker patch has ended, losing a bit of money over weekend but also £230 this morning. It was overdue but stil hurts. I also got shafted in the WSOP freeroll this weekend, where out of 160 runners, 130 decided not to turn up so they were eliminated after level 1 leaving it a 30 man freeroll for a free holiday. Not to be my day though as I get AA in pre against 88 to go top 3 in chips but of course he rivers a flush. I then shove AK versus limp to get 2 callers behind me - great. 66 first guy and I hit my K on river, but big stack in big blind woke up with KK so adios Tuna, stick to cash me thinks.

I also ache like hell from sunburn, with my race red as hell. I went to support K do her skydive yesterday, and by getting there at 8 in the morning I thought we'd be first in the queue and therefore she'd be up and home by 11 o'clock. 3 o'clock comes and she's still waiting, both of us suffering badly from 7 hours of sunshine without sun cream. Schoolboy error! Thankfully K managed to get up in the air and carried out her tandem skydive from a rickety looking plane before the clouds came in and closed the airfield down. We've got some class pictures and video on the way, and she had so much fun it's made me think again maybe I should do it too. Then I remember how shit scared I am of heights and I start to remember how crazy it is to jump out of a plane - we're not fucking birds after all!

V proud of the mrs though, and she raised loads for charity. Despite the fact the guy from Ladbrokes never did get round to sponsoring her - shame on him for getting free advertising and not living up to his promise!! The fund raising is still going though so if anyone still wants to add a sponsor then feel free by following the below link:

Lunch for me now, hopefully will run better this afternoon. I've put in a stop loss of £500 each day now after my disappointing £750 loss on last day of the month and hearing of others implosions so I haven't got much margin for error before I have to quit for the day - run good just one time......

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