Monday, 17 May 2010

Still going ok.....

Blog curse didn't actually hit me, which I presumed was bound to happen after posting good results for the month to date in my last post. I've actually managed to win another £600 in the past week - running ahead of EV no less - so I'm quite happy.

I noticed my non showdown winnings were shite over the past 6 weeks since I had my laptop fixed so I've also started to shove or check shove my draws on the flop / turn to stop myself being either called down with 2nd pair by fish stations or pushed out of pots by aggro regs. I'm hitting more regularly than I should do and with the extra folds I'm getting it's massively helped the win rate. Long may it continue.

Weekend was pretty quiet with folks up to visit to see K skydive, however this was foiled by the shitty weather. This means we'll need to get ourselves down to county durham again next sunday morning and hope the rain stays away so K can jump. She was a bit gutted this weekend but it will only be a matter of time before weather will be good enough. I again said I might consider it in the future but not sure exactly when that future is ever likely to be. I'd love to be able to say I've sky dived at least once in my life but jumping out of a plane just ain't natural!!

Also went for a short run this evening to try and get fitness drive started, but all I think it's done is prove how unfit I am. My legs are aching now and I feel shattered. My new running shoes are class though and they deserve to be used more often - just unlikely to be me at this rate.

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