Thursday, 27 May 2010

Quick Update

Not much to report on poker front, after losing £250 on Monday I've been plugging away on the tables and ground out £160 profit in 3 days (5.7k hands). I've been up and down more than a North East football club (ok - not that much) and I've not been able to get the winning run going again that I enjoyed earlier in the month.

I'll be playing again tomorrow, and maybe one other day over the weekend, but we've got family up to visit so unlikely I'll play too much. I'm down on volume from where I'd like to be, and actually in danger of missing the 40k benchmark I've set myself as a standard month. On plus side all my volume has been at NL100 or NL50 £ tables, so my rakeback this month will be more than normal.

In non poker news, I've finally treated myself to a new golf driver today after playing for 4 years with a £50 COMPLETE SET from sports soccer. I'll be getting some new irons soon too as soon as I've had a lesson or two, but really looking forward to playing more this year. I'm miles behind the standard of most of my mates but there are a couple of us who struggle to break 100 which helps make it more enjoyable. Hopefully the new driver will also correct my chronic slice and give me the strength to hit it past the ladies tees now :-)


  1. Hey man i also struggle to break 100 on a bad day, and it doesn't take the fun away. Anyway, you'll be surprised how much the new clubs help. 50 nicker for a complete set must be real bad...