Thursday, 15 April 2010

Charity Skydive

Not me - and most people will know this already - but my gorgeous but slightly crazy girlfriend has decided to skydive next month in order to raise charity for Daisy Chain, which helps support children with autism, and their families. A very noble cause.

If anyone out there in the poker community feels like making a donation to charity, perhaps to help to alleviate the guilt you feel for taking money off the working class without contributing anything to society, then please make this the place to do it. You don't need to leave your name if you don't want to, and any amount helps. I went on my biggest heater of the year after donating, so I believe it has good karmic consequences :-)

Here's the link:


  1. Looks like an excellent charity will put a donation through at the weekend.

  2. Cheers Danny - much appreciated

  3. Next time wait till they donate before thanking muggins ;)

  4. Good shout Soap!

    At least Danny isn't advertsising asian women like my chinese follower, but I did expect more from a Ladrokes representative..... maybe he's just waiting til pay day....

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