Monday, 12 April 2010

Shit week - literally!

Not been a great few days here, with the following disasters occurring:

1. My laptop died. Hopefully Brenos can fix it over the next couple of days or I'm looking at a hefty outlay for a new one.

2. My car was confirmed as dead. As I couldn't play poker, I finally got round to taking my car in to the garage, where I was told it's going to take major surgery to get it past it's impending MOT. I'm going to find out in next day or so the damage, but any more than £400 (which is likely) then my car will be off to the big flashing headlights in the sky.

3. Spurs are a heap of shite. I just knew we'd throw away our best chance in 20 years of getting to the FA cup final somehow, and we managed it. I know they have scored a boat load of goals for us but I am really starting to HATE Defoe and Crouch. They never move, make runs, look like they are trying - and recently NEVER look like scoring unless an open goal presents itself. I heard rumours earlier in the season that Man City are after Defoe - right now I would honestly sell him or part exchange for Bellamy. I always hated Bellamy too, but after he insulted John Terry on Sky Sports I don't mind him too much now.

4. I also got the shits. Not pleasant. I'm beginning to understand the pain Briggs went through in Thailand, and pleased I only had mine for 24 hours. I'm also pleased I didn't have to go scuba diving with them!

Anyway, after all this I'm currently without a decent laptop and without HEM or HUD for poker, which is clearly far from ideal. I'm therefore going to experiment this week and try out a day of heads up, a day of PLO and a day of tournaments. Hopefully by Thursday Brenos will have miraculously fixed my laptop, but it gives me something to do in the meantime while I'm waiting.

Hope everyone else out there is running better than me!!

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