Thursday, 22 April 2010

Up and running

Much appreciation to Brenos for getting my laptop fixed, it's now working better than ever. Windows 7 is class, and if anyone hasn't got it yet that wants it then give Brennan a shout - he's got a link to buy cheaper online than in stores.

I've been back grinding again this week, trying to make up for 2 missed weeks and log some hands. I've played 8k hands in 3.5 days, so not going too bad. Profit isn't exceptional (<£300) but I have been running a bit badly so hoping for improvement by the end of the week. I was also counting on getting a weekly Top Of Dogs bonus from Ladbrokes, but I think there are a few grinders out there trying to rake their way to Vegas, meaning I'm miles down the leaderboard compared to where I normally am. I'm sure these guys are account sharing, but what can you do???

With weather decent, the only thing I can complain about (I have to moan at something!) is that I'm shit at football now. So unfit and pisses me off how unmotivated I am to get fitter again. I'm past 30 now so I fear things are only going to get worse... if only I had some spare time to get to the gym :-)


  1. Well I'm 6th and I definitely don't account share. So basically, you're just a lazy bastard. Yw on the laptop, I'm awesome!