Friday, 2 April 2010

Epic start - then epic fail!

I've finished playing poker for the weekend now so here is my month to date:

It started off so well, I won a few flips and things looked rosy. Then I got shat on this afternoon / evening. I know I've posted before about EV being a shitty figure but it really did tilt me today. I ran £550 behind EV in about 10 hours, mega frustrating. Same story last month too. Can't wait until I run good - I'll be minted!!!

Good luck to Soap in Irish Open over weekend, I'm smelling a cash finish there - so long as he can stay away from the Guinness :-)


  1. Variance, the immortal word that kills us all!

    Great blog mate, have added you to my blogroll.

    Can you also send me a mail? My contact details are on my profile, cheers!

  2. 友誼是人生的調味品,也是人生的止痛藥。 ..................................................

  3. what you wanted was on stars mate