Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bad Night

It's official - this has been one of my worst nights in a long long time. Probably since my moped was nicked. It's now 2am, I'm shattered and have work tomorrow. Balls.

It started when we got whopped at 5 a side, losing 10-2. Which is shit because we are 2nd in the league and they should have been beaten. Instead, they just went on to show how unfit I am so that I vow to get fit in next few weeks.

Poker has also been a disaster. I've lost over £500 tonight and feel thoroughly sick. I did tilt off / loosely call a couple of buy ins but mostly I just ran in to the biggest fucking luckboxes of all time. Who the fuck raises, then calls a squeeze then a massive pot bet on flop with a J6 flush draw? I know it's high variance playing against 85/35 players but tonight hurt.

Only thing I can do now is try and get some sleep then get back on it over the weekend - hopefully with a bit more luck.

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