Monday, 18 May 2009

What a difference a day makes!

After my depressing Thursday I took a day off on Friday to wallow in my poker despair, but hit the tables with renewed enthusiasm on Saturday to try and claw back my losses. After 2 90 minute sessions I posted a healthy £300 profit for the day and felt a whole lot better about myself! I followed this up yesterday with another winning day (£150) to put me back in profit for the month - just - but with some tasty rakeback to come my way.

I also decided to check out my stats on HEM and ran through my losing hands to see if there were any major leaks. I noticed a few hands that I just couldn't let go when I should have done, but all in all I think I'm playing as well as I ever have. I'm about £500 behind EV and my red line is almost positive for the month - take that Brenos!! Gay red line days are over my friend!!

Saturday was also a happy day for me on 2 other fronts:

1 - I went to see some good friends of mine to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of their baby boy - can't believe how much he's grown!

2 - The Toon lost again!! They might actually manage to pull off the impossible and get themselves relegated from the shittest premier league I can remember. Has there ever been so many bad teams in the bottom half of the table?? I sometimes get the impression that the bottom 6 actually WANT to be relegated the way they've been losing their games. (I still think they will get out of it but as I have said before - it's great fun to see them sweat :-) )

No poker for me today but will be hitting the tables again tomorrow - hoping to run like a Kenyan / Azzinhio at PLO.

Good luck at tables everyone!!

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  1. Couldn't you also have worded that sentence, "My red line is still in the negative".


    Better than my black line anyway :-((((((((