Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Horse Shit!!!!

This month is turning in to a proper roller-coaster - and not of the joyous 'I'm on top of Stratosphere tower relaxing with a cocktail watching Brennan and John shit themselves on X-Scream' kind of roller-coaster. This is more of a Mouse Trap at Blackpool pleasure beach kind of roller-coaster..... the one where you know a gruesome horrible death is just around the corner, but you just can't stop yourself from going on it anyway.

I just lost £450 tonight, most of it in a 30 minute spell when I should have been sleeping. I misplayed one hand getting it in with AQ on a QT44 board - when I tried to check raise a guy out of flush draw, only for him to turn over TT - ouch. The losses were mostly down to some sick set ups and bad beats - here's the main ones:

me KK vs KQs - board Q4286 - all but 40BB in by turn, he hits flush after i slow play KK to his c/r on flop.

me 89 vs 88 - board 89T -
me A3 vs AQ - board 33Q4 - he hits magic 2 outer on river

Those 4 hands were 4 buys ins gone in under an hour, and it really hurts. I'm now £270 down before rakeback, even though my EV says I should be +500. I just hope this shitty swing doesn't last much longer as I could really do with some cash for a house deposit!!

Now I need to prepare myself for a 9 am meeting tomorrow morning on Team Effectiveness. I hate corporate jargon with a passion but need to try and make a good impression - going to be hard going when I'm in this mood!

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  1. Ouch. Looks like nearly everyone is on a downswing ATM. Hope the pokergods smile down on your next session fella.