Sunday, 24 May 2009

Survival Sunday

After 9 months of torture, the Geordies wake up this morning knowing that this could be their last as a premiership club. I've laughed numerous times at their ineptitude, but right now I'm really having mixed feelings - I will never say that I support the Toon, but it would make next season a little less interesting if they weren't there. I will therefore be watching today with interest....

Poker front has been up and down a lot this month, but currently sitting on -£36 for the month. Rakeback will obviously kick in at the end of the month and I'll end up a few hundred quid in profit, but I'm not entirely happy with a few aspects of my game - namely:
  1. I'm playing poker at shit times - 2 of my biggest losing sessions have been after 11:30 at night, trying to play in bed while tired....
  2. ... and while I am also chasing losses! I have had about 13 winning sessions this month versus 5 losing ones, but 2 of these have been while logging back on after a losing session to chase. I don't think it would be too bad to log back on after losing, but combined with the time I play, it hasn't worked.
  3. I haven't been concentrating 100% this month. One of the basics of poker is to contemplate the strength of your hand and put the opponent on a range of hands to work out your best decision. Unfortunately, I've been lazy this month and only considered the first part of this equation too often, therefore getting my money in too lightly when obviously (in hindsight) crushed.

I'll work on all of these to make next month by storm.

One last point before my laptop battery dies - will be off to my mate Azz's for a BBQ, football and home game poker later, which I'm really looking forward to. The poker games between us always turn in to a bluff / rebluff .... 'rebuy!' .... game and hoping I get the cards / luck to put one over the Jackal and Brenos. Shuffle up and deal Azzinhio!!

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