Friday, 29 May 2009

Sad News

I received some sad news this week, as my nan passed away on Tuesday morning, aged 80. She'd been frail for a while but it was a bit of a shock as she only went in to hospital feeling poorly on the Saturday, and by Tuesday morning she had died. We are still awaiting final confirmation but it looks like pneumonia.

I have been telling everyone that it's probably a good thing that she didn't suffer through years of cancer, or lose her marbles through Alzheimers, but when I think about it now I'm wondering whether it's just families who are left behind that think that - i.e. I'm pretty certain that Nan would have liked to have lived on longer even if it meant being in a worse condition! We weren't particularly close and didn't see each other much since I've moved to Newcastle (she lives 400+ miles away), but I will obviously be going to the funeral to support my mum etc and to pay my respects. RIP nan....

When things like this happen it certainly makes you think about the life you lead and whether you are making the most out of it - something I've been doing a lot of since I returned from Thailand. Watch this space but likely to be some big changes in Holmes circumstances soon!


  1. Sorry for your loss mate, never nice to lose anyone especially a family member.

    I agree it makes you think about life changes etc and I too have started to make some before its too late!

    Good luck at the tables

  2. what kind of life changes? do i hear wedding bells??? ;-)