Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Busy busy busy

I have seriously no time now that I'm working full time again and trying to get fit playing football - not to mention spending time with K and looking to buy a house. All of which has left me limited free time, so I'm spending all of it on playing rather than posting on here! For anyone that is still dropping by my blog, here is what's happened in first 2 weeks of May.....

Job front

I now have a real one after spending 3 weeks pretending to have one. I've been switched in to a new department and been busying myself trying to learn a gazillion accounting rules and processes over the past 10 days. I'm not going to lie and pretend it is more interesting than learning the pre flop odds of hitting a set or working our your EV with JJ vs a 20/18 TAG all in 4 bet, but it is betterthan sitting around doing nothing all day in the office. I'll see how I feel though when we get to month end and I'm working til 8pm plus again.....

Football front

I've just come back from 3 nights in Brussels where our work 11 a side team played in a tournament against 31 other mens teams from around Europe - all of which work for the same company. As it's half sponsored, we got a lot for our money, including a free night out (unlimited booze) on the Saturday. As we are also an impatient bunch, we also chose to get wasted on the Friday too, meaning the actual football aspect of the trip took a back seat. Which turned out to be a good job as we managed to get knocked out in the group stages - despite being probably the best team in our group. I was considering not naming and shaming the person who's fault it was but in the interest of an honest write up I can't stop myself - it was definitely Adam King's fault for ordering thats mall beer!

Weekend was also notable for an arrest, a sighting of the rare ginger squirrel face, the unfunniest funny joke in the world - ever (let's mix things up....) and the rebranding of our team to The SGP's next year. Can't wait for Croatia.

K front

No sordid details on here (im not Amatay!) but all going well. K has booked us up for a weekend in Paris for my 30th later this year so even though i'll finally be leaving my mid 20's I will have something good to look forward to / remember when I'm older...

Poker front

Going OK as well, although still could do with putting in some more hours. I've played 4k hands of NL100, have a win rate of 7.4 bb/100 (= £270 real money) but missing out on about £300 in EV that I should have won. I'm not even considering being depressed though after reading Brennan's horror stories!! Target this month is to make 1k with rakeback included to put toward the house deposit - something I think I'll be able to do.

Right - this blog entry is long enough. I'm off to watch some Family Guy S07 - it's freakin awesome!! Giggity Giggity. Giggitty Goo.


  1. WORK???? Arggggh sounds horrible mate ;-)

  2. LOL! Sweet trip to play footy!

    I have your blog on my blogroll and wondered if you could plz add mine to yours?


    cheers fella,


  3. bird bird bird bird the bird is the word! don't you know about the word?????